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I FINALLY CONFESS UP TO A GREAT INTERNET PRANK. Almost 3 years ago, I got so tired of all the gullible Americans who really believed that Joe Biden was going to be removed from office and Donald Trump was going to be reinstated as President, that I needed to help out. I decided that Donald Trump deserved an official second inauguration and I would be the one to let everybody know this would be taking place shortly. As a simple joke, I created tickets for the event and simply placed it here on Facebook on a website that contains parody and satire. It got some laughs and I assumed that would be the end of it. However, it quickly went viral and within 48 hours, the "second inauguration ticket" was a top feature story on Reuters, Forbes, Snopes and other major websites that was seen by millions of people. They were all debunking whether the event supposedly to take place on August 15 was real or not. One did a CIS analysis and determined that it was photoshopped with different layers and one said they believed it started at Facebook. All of a sudden, my prank ticket was all over the Internet and I decided to just keep quiet about it until now. I present here for your authenticity the original posting I made on Facebook, of which just the photo of the tickets was being spread all over the Internet. I was doing parody and satire when I was 6 (I blame the children's TV shows on WGN Chicago for that--Garfield Goose was a very bad role model), when I was 66, and will still be doing it when I am 666.

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