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I Thought This Only Happens In Late 1960's Comedy Films

When I was 18-19-20-21-22, I would take full loads in college classes every semester AND be doing work-study of 15-20 hours weekly on top of it--with the goal of getting as many degrees as possible, as fast as possible. When you come from absolute poverty, you are motivated to go way beyond what others are doing. The college had found me a part-time job in an independent learning facility that helped people from 16-60 who never finished high school to get a GED equivalency degree. Each student would be working on their own individual education plans through materials specially designed for that purpose. There was always one teacher and an assistant that would walk around a large room with long tables and chairs everywhere and help students in math, English and social studies. I was good in all those areas and could be quite helpful to students who were spread out throughout the room. I would sit down next to them and assist them in these subject areas. The room was quiet except for the coaching that was going on by the teacher and assistant. Because on top of everything else I was doing, I managed to get a teaching credential when I had just turned 21, I would be doing the same job, but my hourly pay went up three times. I noticed something very interesting. The female students from 16 into their 30's, all seemed to be excessively attractive. And then it all began to make sense. They all had the same exact story. Their luck of the draw in the looks department got them into troubling situations early on. Pregnancies, too-young marriages with subsequent divorces and they never completed high school and now they needed the GED which would allow them to move up in the working world. I helped all students with great enthusiasm which is why I was able to continue at the same job for a number of years. One day a young woman in her mid-20's raised her hand and I went over to her as I had a number of times before. While I was explaining the subject-at-hand, there was suddenly a situation with another hand--her hand. At first I thought it was just a mistake and then I realized that this was now an awkward situation. As I was sitting there explaining the learning material, she had gotten very busy under the table, which I am sure you have figured out by now. I realized that if I even said "Stop that now!," those words would have gotten the whole room looking in our direction. I was trying to quickly figure out how to extricate myself from the situation, and stood up and said to her, "I think you are ready now to figure out these questions" and walked away. What do I do? Report this? Then they may decide to get rid of the young handsome teacher. I just never said anything to her again and acted like it never happened. When I think of it now, I can imagine an audience laughing as I am seriously trying to explain a subject under the circumstances.

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