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10 years ago I had a vivid nightmare that was not only frightening because of its storyline, but because of its visual form of presentation to me--and then the ultimate aftermath. Most of our dreams are revealed to us in the perceived form of video (like a live baseball game) as opposed to the unique contrast look of films and motion pictures. This dream was like no other I had ever had. It was Ultra High Definition 4K Video and as bright as can be. As a result, when I awoke from it, it was still as clear as can be. I had it on a Sunday night. On the west border of Burbank and North Hollywood on Magnolia Blvd. near Valley St., there is a strip mall. It has a 31 Flavors/Baskin Robbins and an insurance firm. I saw these as bright and clear as can be in the dream. I dreamed that just as I passed 31 Flavors, a 1970's multi-purple themed conversion van was coming up on me in the left lane. I was in the right lane. It suddenly came over into my lane, causing a horrific accident, sending my vehicle flying. That's when I woke up terrified. When is the last time that you have seen a 1970's conversion van anywhere at any time? It had been 20 years since I saw one, let alone an all purple themed one with a multitude of purple toned colors. I just dismissed this as bizarre and didn't think about it again. That is until Thursday of the same week. I was coming down Magnolia Blvd. in the exact same spot, saw the 31 Flavors and suddenly remembered, "I had a nightmare about being here a few days ago." I suddenly glanced at my left mirror. Coming up on my left side was a 1970's conversion themed van in all different shades of purple tones. "WHAT???" I thought and immediately pulled over to the right where some parking spaces were available as the van passed by. By now I was breathing hard, was shaking, and was totally freaked out. I just sat there for 10 minutes before I could regain the composure to continue on. A specific warning from another dimension? A coincidence too extraordinary? To this day I have never seen another 1970's conversion van--of any color or theme.

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