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At about age 8, my mother and I went to downtown Chicago one late fall Saturday afternoon. By 6:00, it was dark and we were strolling by a street level underground subway entrance/exit. An older man with white hair had just climbed up the last few stairs and it was obvious he was very confused as to where he was. He was mumbling to himself, was looking all over the streets and signs and clearly was lost. Both my mother and I stood there in total shock and didn't say a word. This was not any man, this was Jimmy Durante. My parent's generation knew the comedian, singer and personality from the movies when they were young. My generation only knew him from his numerous TV appearances. His unique style and funny voice was like having a really funny grandpa. This was around 1961, so I believe he would have been about 68 then. It was such a surprise and we figured nobody would believe us so we just didn't mention it.

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