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Good Evening.

Welcome to the "Stein Online" TALK SHOW on CompuServe. Tonight we'll be joined by David Stanley, Elvis Presley's Stepbrother.


David thanks for joining us!!!


What would have Elvis said about the marriage between Lisa Marie and Michael Jackson?

DS: His concerns---first let me establish that Elvis was not a racist-- DS: but he would have had a problem with the interracial situation. DS: Elvis would have been concerned about things that have been said about DS: Michael Jackson. Like any father...he would have wanted her to be happy!


Do you personally believe this marriage is for love or for the business interests of both parties?

DS: I don't know!!!... DS: I hope Lisa's happy. I hope it's real. They've had a difficult time... DS: and most people have taken cheap shots before they've had a chance. DS; neither of them needs the money.


When did you go to live with Elvis?

DS: I moved into Graceland in 1960--I was four years old--my mother, DS: Dee Stanley married Vernon Presley. DS: Elvis became my big brother!


What is your first remembrance of Graceland, Elvis and the whole new deal?

DS: When I moved in...I didn't know who Elvis was...all I knew is that I DS: had a new house. Elvis bought out a toy store for me and my brothers DS: on the very first night we were there. I thought Elvis was Santa Clause!!! DS: Elvis had just gotten out of the army and he took us all in as a package DS: deal!!! DS: He was a human being to me. He was not the icon that everybody else saw!


How long were you close to Elvis?

DS: I moved in 1960--and found him dead in 1977. That was 17 years... DS; I grew up around him. Elvis died two weeks before I was 22. DS: He was my brother. It was a great loss. He wasn't a rock 'n' roll star DS; to me--although I was privy to touring with him, going to movie studios, DS: etc!! We were a family. We spent holidays together.


Did Elvis ever sit and talk with you and share his most innermost thoughts?

DS: All the time... DS: Especially as I got older. He would say, "Why Me??" He wondered why DS: his twin brother died and not him. DS: The hardest thing for Elvis to do in his life was to be Elvis. DS: He made mistakes towards the end of his life...but he never abused his DS: power for political purposes. He knew he had a gift from God for singing... DS: and felt that is all he should use his talents for.


How do you feel about the ongoing rumours of Elvis sightings

DS: The thing about an Elvis sighting--is everybody always sees him in a DS; white jumpsuit--believe me Elvis is Dead--I found him dead... DS: If he was alive--he wouldn't be wearing a jump suit with large sideburns DS: working at a burger king!! DS: It's as offensive to me as me going up to somebody whose sister just DS: died and saying: "I Just saw your sister!"...people are insensitive.! DS: It hurt me at first... DS: but now I just--what do I do--I can't let it hurt me anymore, DS: I can only laugh at it!!!... DS: It's amazing that the print media would publish these so-called DS: sightings, but even more amazing is that people believe it! DS: Thanks!


Of all the rumors, was there one that was the easiest to believe?

DS: The easiest rumor is that Elvis went on a downhill run after he lost DS: Priscilla. It's not true. Things just didn't work out. It wasn't the DS: deciding factor that ruined Elvis' life. The situation was blown up by DS; the media. Priscilla should have known that this was NOT going to be a DS: typical marriage. Elvis had his girlfriends.


I saw recently on a talk show a women and her son, they were claiming that he was Elvis' son. Is there any truth to this?

DS: In my opinion, there's no truth... DS: I was around Elvis a lot. We didn't have real scandalous situations.... DS: I've seen a few "I'm Elvis, Jr." and I think its untrue... DS: If Elvis was the father of everybody claiming so, he'd have kids everywhere!


What about the woman who has written a book recently about an affair?

DS: That one is true. DS: Elvis had several girlfriends. I can't recall her name.... DS: She was one of his many girlfriends. This was while he was married to DS: Priscilla. She's a nice lady, she lives in Washington D.C.... DS: She and ELvis had a good relationship!


How much truth is there to the books written by Red and Sonny West, Albert Goldman and that type?

DS: Red and Sonny West's book was accurate. That's what made it so DS: difficult to deal with. They exposed his drug problem and temper. DS: 95% of that was true. The drug and temper problems? DS: Albert Goldman's problem was that he had a prejudice approach towards Presley... DS: and anybody from the South. DS: Goldman's book was truth mixed with much sensationalism! DS: The problems were so real---that Elvis Presley died of a drug overdose-- DS: it took his life. Everybody wants to blame Col. Parker, Priscilla, me, etc... DS: But Elvis killed Elvis. He was responsible. DS: When Mike Stone took away Priscilla, Elvis really got mad!!!!


What was Elvis' favorite movie he made?

DS: He liked "Love Me Tender" and "Flaming Star"--both films that showed he DID know how to act! He was typecast in those travelogues otherwise!!! What about his favorite recording of his? DS: He loved Gospel music. Anything that was Gospel.


Would Elvis approve of the museum and merchandising at Graceland?

DS: I don't think he would approve of the merchandising going on. I just think it would have been a real experience touring with Elvis in the early years as a musician. DS: The musicians in later years were isolated from Elvis... DS: The inner-circle, the "Memphis Mafia" was very close to him. DS: He had his own jet, his own security---I started traveling with him at DS: 16. It was very exciting!!!


Why didn't this very rich man ever go traveling (not necessarily touring)?

DS: Elvis never went anywhere but Germany during the Army. DS: He wanted to tour Europe. The Colonel thought it would be too unsafe.


How large was Elvis' guitar collection and how often did he actually record with them?

DS: Elvis didn't go out and buy guitars... DS: he had a couple of Gibsons. Towards the last few years--he had a Martin DS: D-28, two D-45s. he didn't have a real love for the guitar. DS: He really loved the piano. DS: He had great potential but never pursued it!


Do you ever talk with Priscilla or other family members?

DS: Haven't talk to Priscilla in many years.. DS: I was very loyal to Elvis. When they split. My loyalty was to Elvis. DS: I don't dislike her...but I have no reason to hang out with her.

Well...we appreciate David spending time with us!!

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