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When I became a full-time professor at the Los Angeles Film School, I decided to decorate my entire office with posters of films I had seen 25+ times. I had many of them already framed and filled the walls completely--the only professor that did something like that. The film that I knew was missing was "Cinema Paradiso," the most incredible Italian-made story of a boy whose journey through manhood is integrated with his love for motion pictures. If you love movies and haven't seen it, you are missing out on the Italian "Notebook." It was the winner of the Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film. By the way, watch the ORIGINAL first and NOT the DIRECTOR'S CUT. I was about to order the poster from Amazon. On the weekend, I stopped at a thrift shop to look for a frame for it. Standard movie poster 27 x 41 frames are quite expensive and there are some real bargains on second hand frames if you can find them. I saw a pile of frames leaning against the wall on top of each other. I could see that one of them was a larger frame and that it could very well be a movie poster frame. It was. And somebody had left a movie poster already in it. It was "Cinema Paradiso."

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