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I spent many years in Los Angeles.

A fun bonus is that you just sometimes run into celebrities on the street or in stores.

Here is my list of "Just Happened to See A Celebrity"

George Clooney -- First car at a freeway off-ramp in Burbank.

John Travolta-- On Santa Monica Blvd. in West Los Angeles in a Corvette

Farah Fawcett--Getting out of car in front of a New Age book store in West Los Angeles

Pat Boone -- Was jogging in Beverly Hills, I said hi and so did he.

Jay Leno -- Numerous times in Burbank in various cars of his. I talked to him many times

OJ Simpson -- Driving in an orange Corvette near NBC in Burbank. I knew it was definitely him because the license plate said OJ

Michael Landon - Driving down a street in Burbank and there he was filming "Highway To Heaven"

Madeline Kahn -- Health food store in West L.A.

Tony Danza -- was standing on a corner talking to a friend in Reseda

David Bowie -- Pulled up in front of CBS Records in a Corvette in Century City

Andy Griffith -- Burbank hardware store

Robert Blake -- Newspaper stand in Studio City

Mel Brooks - Bookstore on Ventura Blvd in Encino

Sid Caeser -- Walking his dog in Bel Air

Sam Kinison -- Convenience store on Sunset Strip. To be funny, I screamed at him. He thought that was funny.

Angelyne -- convenience store near Burbank. If you don't know who she is -- look it up. I talked to her.

I have not included celebs at professional events or at their homes for a business related situation. Just by coincidence situations on this list.

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