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Eliot Stein



Eliot Stein was the visionary and pioneer that brought SHOWBIZ and HOLLYWOOD online. He is
the only person that can verifiably make that statement.

New Media Executive, Producer, Project Manager, Broadcaster, Journalist, Promoter and Marketer.

In 1982, Eliot took an Atari 400 computer (that played Pacman), enhanced it for communications and
contacted CompuServe, the only ONLINE service in existence which was limited to STOCKS-
He offered to open up the world's first SHOWBIZ/HOLLYWOOD online service from Hollywood
that would feature instantaneous Entertainment News, Movie Reviews, Celebrity Interviews and More.
CompuServe agreed and within 60 days, Hollywood Hotline was a success and a fully-running
business on CompuServe for 20 years.

Over the next 5 years, Hollywood Hotline also became the sole Entertainment News Services for
pioneering online services such as NBC Teletext, CBS Extravision, GEnie, Delphi, Western Union FYI and
many others.

From 1982-1987, Eliot went around Hollywood introducing ONLINE to every major Motion Picture
Studio, TV Network and Record Companies--obtaining their participation, which was not easy to do
for a new untried medium. Eliot created the first online movie promotion, an idea he proposed to
Universal Pictures. "Sneakers," starring Robert Redford was the first of many movie studio online

It was in 1985, when Eliot received an interesting phone call. A man named Steve Case called him and
wanted his services plus extras for his new project--America Online.
From 1985-1994, AOL featured the Entertainment services of ONE company--Hollywood Hotline.

With interest in ONLINE growing and an OPEN INTERNET forming, competition increased.
After turning down an offer to go exclusive with MSN, Eliot was asked to sign an EXCLUSIVE
contract with CompuServe and drop off all other competitors. He did so. He would be allowed to
create even more visionary content that eventually extended into participation with Yahoo! and

Eventually, AOL purchased CompuServe, they merged with Time-Warner and the business models and
landscape changed for everybody. Within a few years, Time-Warner shut down CompuServe and then AOL, destroying the decade-old businesses that existed on the giant platforms--and were designed to work only on their infrastructure. 

In March of 1994, Eliot created "Stein Online," the first text-based interactive
talk/interview program featuring celebrities and interesting guests.

In January of 1996, Eliot hosted the first Internet-exclusive Real-Time Live Audio Celebrity Interviews.
Eliot was featured in USA Today (with picture!) in regards to these activities.

From 1997-2000, Eliot hosted and produced "Stein Online," the major
Internet Daily Live Audio News/Interview Talk show from AOL/CompuServe and Yahoo!/Broadcast.
com as featured on the front pages of the major services.
Filled with celebrities, newsmakers, authors, experts, national names and other
fascinating people--this much-publicized show was a genuine
learning experience on all topics and was called "the most intelligent talk show
on the internet."

At various times, Eliot was heard doing "stringer" news reports for
radio news services of CBS, NBC, Mutual, AP, UPI and USA Radio Network.

Eliot hosted a nationally syndicated radio talk show for the United Broadcasting
Network from 1993-1997 (in 90 cities) and hosted locally-based talk shows before then. These shows
covered Politics, History, Entertainment, Current Events, Science, Technology, Paranormal, Current
Events and were filled with major newsmakers, celebrities, experts, authors and guests. From 1982-
1994, he hosted syndicated and live radio Hollywood Hotline (tm) Entertainment News and Movie
Review reports.

Before deciding to retire, Eliot was a full time Professor and Course Director at the Los Angeles Film
School for many years, a Hollywood-based college that focuses on Film, TV, Recording and Graphic
Arts. Teaching informational classes in "Media And Society," "Psychology" and even a "Mathematics"
class, thousands of students were delighted by the efforts to make these courses totally relevant to their
creative perspectives.

Eliot holds a B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Teaching Credentials and can talk in great detail about anything ranging
from the Berlin Wall to The Beatles (something he has done as host of over 10,000 hours of Major
Internet and National Broadcast Radio Talk Shows). He grew up in Chicago. His hobbies include
Classic Movies, Pinball, Board Games, History, 60's Music, Playing Instruments, collecting Troll
Dolls and watching "Casablanca." He is an accomplished singer and musician with guitar and keyboards.

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