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Bill Bixby did the nicest and unexpected thing for me and I will always remember it. Most of you know the actor for either the TV series "My Favorite Martian" or "The Incredible Hulk" and he was also a regular on variety shows and game shows. 

Around 1978, an agent called me and said that an extra person was needed for some CBS summer variety show. The situation was the following. The show changed with a different well-known host every week supplemented by a group of young people in different skits. The young folks would rehearse Monday-Thursday and Bill Bixby would not show up until late Thursday and for the taping in front of a live audience on Friday. I was only needed for  late Thursday and Friday. When I showed up on late  Thursday, I made a number of attempts to fit-in with the other young people. But they were not having it. They had rehearsed together all week and I was a stranger who was not part of their already established group. Bill Bixby had just walked in and was somewhat nearby talking to a producer and he saw what was going on and quickly picked up on it. He saw how I was being so friendly to these people and they would just ignore me, even just walking away. In front of all these young folks, Bill Bixby walked over to only me, put out his hand and said "Hi! I am Bill Bixby" while ignoring all of them. I was so delighted and surprised. What a good guy!

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